Ian Lehman Place

Aboriginal people continue to face barriers to securing safe, adequate and affordable housing. They are more likely to be in core housing need and are over-represented amongst the homeless population.

The Province will continue to provide housing programs to all British Columbians — including Aboriginal people living off-reserve — and monitor and contribute to a wide range of cross-government initiatives that support Aboriginal people in British Columbia.

The Province continues to work in partnership with the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA) to achieve our common goal of self-management, self-reliance and self-sufficiency in the provision of safe, affordable housing for Aboriginal people living off reserve. The Province will continue to support AHMA to grow their organizations, the Aboriginal housing sector, providing appropriate housing options for Aboriginal families.



  • Work with Aboriginal housing sector to enhance Aboriginal housing and support self-reliance of the sector.
  • Support Aboriginal housing sector in promoting innovative, culturally appropriate and sustainable social and market housing options.
  • Create strategic partnerships to take advantage of innovative opportunities and initiatives for the Aboriginal housing sector.

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